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Women's Leadership in Forest Recovery in Nepal

A Round Table discussion on "Agriculture, Environment and Forestry: Role of Women's Leadership" was held in Ahmedabad on July 10, 2017 with women leaders from Nepal who have been working on key issues of sustainability and conservation in Nepal ever since a devastating 2015 earthquake had hit their country. The role of small business in forest produce trade; the scope for green bonds to invest in forestry; and linking forestry recovery with national development planning came up in the discussions. The leaders discussed ways to feminize forestry activities in favour of work, income, and ecosystem away from profits, timber trading, and singular business interests. The leaders agreed that there was a need to rethink the very foundations of modern forestry with historically grounded, highly current, and well argued lessons from ongoing recovery in Nepal. The earthquake recovery may deepen the inequality between those who benefit from forests and those who do not. For the people…

Making Dams Safer: Investing in Dam Safety

As the SSD project stands completed after 56 years of its inception, perhaps it is time for a little introspection. We should introspect on how to make the SSD resilient to the various climate and disaster risks so that the gains that it delivers to the people are safeguarded. What is needed is a framework to reduce disaster risks faced by SSD. Under the leadership of NCA, GSDMA, and NDMA, the SSD can become India's first SFDRR compliant dam.One of India's largest hydro development projects, the Narmada Dam in Gujarat, has received the final clearance from the Narmada Control Authority (NCA) giving a go ahead to the Gujarat government to close the Sardar Sarovar Dam (SSD) gates on the Narmada river. This marks the completion of the project, almost 56 years after the dam's foundation was laid by the then Prime Minister in 1961. Perhaps it is time to think of the various ways of reducing the risk of extreme events like earthquakes, droughts or floods on projects such as the …