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Regional Capacity Development: Five Action Areas

Asia's regional capacity must be urgently enhanced to implement Asian Regional Plan (ARP) for Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) better and faster. The following are some of the key areas that have emerged from the recent South Asia Disaster Report (SADR) 2016 published by Duryog Nivaran (DN) and focus on the principle and practice of Build Back Better (BBB).

Limited Sources of Funding for CSOs
Firstly, there is limited direct investment by donors and authorities in local civil society organisations (CSOs) in the region. According to the State of Civil Society Report (2015) published by Civicus Global Alliance it was found that only about 1% of all official aid, and an even smaller portion of humanitarian assistance, goes directly to the global south or to CSOs working at local level.

It is these organisations that reach out to communities and local institutions; it is these organisations that innovate and invent; and it is these organisations that leverage social capital of the victim…

India Floods 2017

Image issue no. 161, August 2017:

This issue of is titled "India Floods 2017" and focuses on how the floods in 2017 have affected different regions of country and the damage suffered by them. It also tries to examine India's underlying vulnerability to floods which has been exacerbated in recent years mainly due to unplanned development, high population density & settlement of people in flood plains, old infrastructure, weak river embankments and also increase in extreme events, including high rainfall in a short duration.

This issue analyses these repeated incidents of flooding in the country through a systemic lens that takes an interdisciplinary and multi-sectoral perspective of  India's flooding problem.

This issue's contents includes: (i) Floods as an Opportunity; (ii) Note on Flood Situation; (iii) India Floods 2017; (iv) Floods in Bihar in 2017; (v) Mumbai Deluge and the Civil Society; (vi) Floods in Assam in 201…