Wednesday 10 October 2018

Towards AMCDRR 2018: Ulaanbaatar issue no. 171, June 2018:

AIDMI's publication of on ‘Towards AMCDRR 2018: Ulaanbaatar’ released at AMCDRR 2018, session on Making Schools Safer in Asia, July 5, 2018, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

This issue focuses on the AMCDRR 2018 was held in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. This issue spells out the different items that should be on the risk reduction agenda of Asian countries vis-à-vis the implementation of the Sendai Framework and the Asia Regional Plan. Since the AMCDRR also serves as a platform for regional cooperation among different Asian nations and stakeholders to collaborate on long-term risk reduction solutions, its leaders should primarily focus on addressing the underlying causes of much of the region's vulnerability.

Risk reduction themes as diverse as climate-smart DRR, urban flood mitigation, air pollution, universal flood protection, etc. have been discussed in detail in this issue. Addressing these themes at AMCDRR 2018 can help in achieving long-term positive DRR outcomes in Asia.
This issue's contents includes: (i) First Three Steps for India to be Weather Ready and Climate Smart: A View; (ii) The Second Avat√£rana of Ganga: Air, Water and Block Chain; (iii) Researching Floods in Mumbai: A Journey; (iv) Development of India's First Forestry Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Action (NAMA) Concept and Lessons Learnt; (v) Kill Pollution, Save Lives; (vi) Flood Insurance in the Climate Change Era: Can Science and Technology help Women get a Better Deal?; (vii) Disasters and Decision Making;  and (viii) Reconstruction as Transformation.
Some of the best thinkers, researchers, experts, and activists, including Mihir R. Bhatt with AIDMI Team; Prof. Ajit Tyagi, President, Indian Meteorological Society, New Delhi; Dr. Seema Sharma, Assistant Professor, University of Delhi and Mr. Arnab Bose, O.P. Jindal Global University; both are members of Resilience Centre Global Network, NCR of Delhi; Johanna Roll, Bachelors Student, University of Wuerzburg, Political and Social Studies and Geography, Germany; Ashish Chaturvedi, Director, and Kundan Burnwal, Technical Advisor, GIZ India, New Delhi; Ali Tauqeer Sheikh, CEO, LEAD Pakistan, Islamabad; Dr. Anand Bijeta, National Consultant, Index–based Flood Insurance (IBFI), New Delhi; and Maggie Stephenson, Reconstruction Consultant, Ireland.

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