Tuesday, 3 April 2018

India Accelerates in Building Resilience

Southasiadisasters.net issue no. 166, February 2018:

This issue of Southasiadisasters.net is titled "India Accelerates in Building Resilience" and tries to capture the various efforts in the form of international cooperation undertaken by India to foster resilience regionally and globally. For instance, India's efforts to leverage cooperation with countries like Russia and Bangladesh to pursue risk reduction outcomes are meticulously documented in this issue. Similarly, positive regional developments like the endorsement of the Disaster Management Bill in Nepal have also been highlighted in this issue.
This issue's contents includes: (i) India Accelerates in Building Resilience; (ii) Delhi–Dhaka Cooperation in Risk Reduction; (iii) India–Russia Coordinated Action on DRR; (iv) Nepal Endorses Disaster Risk Reduction Bill; (v) Potential Areas of Using Social Science To Reduce Disaster Risks In India; (vi) Rains in Chennai, 2017: A Historic View; (vii) Amadora Local Campaign — Making Cities Resilient; (viii) Unlikely Nuclear Disaster: Likely Preparedness Planning;and (ix) Facebook Steps up Efforts for Disaster Response in India.
Some of the best thinkers, researchers, experts, and activists, including Mihir R. Bhatt with AIDMI Team; Shabana Khan, World Social Science Fellow, ISSC and Director, Indian Research Academy, New Delhi; SubirDey, Assistant Professor (Ad hoc), Department of History, University of Delhi; Luis Carvalho, Civil Protection Chief, Municipal Commander, Amadora, Portugal; and Gautam Kamath, Public Policy Manager - India, South Asia & Central Asia, Facebook.

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